Can Shungite Be Harmful? Common Side Effects of Shungite

Due to ability of shungite to influence the electro-magnetic waves, the question arises: can shungite affect the vital devices for a human being in a negative way, for example, if a person has a pacemaker, will shungite disturb its work or not? So today we are going to look on some of the shungite’s side […]

Enrich the Life of Your Home Plants with the Power of Shungite


You may have heard that shungite is used extensively in agriculture and that its properties help with fertility and the abundance of harvest. But did you know that the same results can be achieved at home with your home plants? Well, of course you don’t need them to be harvested, but it will be good […]

Healthy Benefits of Shungite Tile at Home

Some actions that we do in our daily routine leave us completely vulnerable and exposed to the negative influences in our environment. During the hygienic procedures our body is extremely sensitive to the bacteria around us and other toxic elements. When we consume food we are totally at mercy of quality of the products we […]

The Countless Benefits of Shungite Water: How to Get it into Your Life?

Nutrition is one of the primary components of healthy lifestyle and that is obvious, right? After all, we are what we eat. But even though people seem to be getting more conscious about their eating habits, they forget to have the same opinion about the most important element on the planet – water. It looks […]

Shungite Wholesale from Russia Zazhoginsky mine

     With the world becoming more and more curious about mysterious shungite stone from Karelia and people now being acquainted with it more than ever the need arises for large and longstanding supply of shungite all over the world.  Shungite wholesale supplies can reduce the overall cost and increase your business competitive value on […]