Many Shapes of Magnificent Shungite Stone

Shungite healing and protection provides us with a lot of opportunities which would not be accessible otherwise. However, the large array of shungite products presents us with something of a challenge: what shungite item should we choose for our crystal healing? Of course, they all are made from the same rock, but the shape of […]

Crystal Healing with Shungite Jewelry

Among the large array of shungite goods we offer you, shungite jewelry is always a bright spot (even though it is completely black). The exquisite handcrafted items serve not only as means for crystal healing and protection, but also as minimalist eye-candy and a perfect addition to any style and outfit. Deep black color of […]

The Sacred Power of Shungite Pyramid

Shungite pyramids have proved themselves to be among the most popular shungite items on the market. And there is always something unique about them that clearly distinguishes them from other shungite items and makes them a staple of any shungite collection. But what makes shungite pyramids truly unique? It is all in a shape Pyramid […]

What is so Unique About Shungite’s Composition?

We love to use shungite stones for different purposes, whether it is physical and spiritual healing, protection from negative influences in your environment, water cleansing, beauty routine, you name it. And it is all made possible by powerful properties which are inherent in this magnificent stone. But you may be wondering, what actually makes shungite […]

Can Shungite Be Harmful? Common Side Effects of Shungite

Due to ability of shungite to influence the electro-magnetic waves, the question arises: can shungite affect the vital devices for a human being in a negative way, for example, if a person has a pacemaker, will shungite disturb its work or not? So today we are going to look on some of the shungite’s side […]