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Buy Shungite Pyramids Wholesale from Russia.
Shungite pyramids have proven to be one of the most popular and best-selling products among shungite enthusiasts. The magical and somewhat mysterious shape of pyramid, brought to us through millenniums by the ancient Egyptians has always been connected to healing and supportive properties. Combined with the well-known properties of shungite stone, shungite pyramid is an effective tool in protection against electromagnetic waves and radiation and nurturing positive environment in your household, especially in purification of indoor air and absorption of negative influences and energy and transforming and filtering it to positive effects. More than that, shungite pyramids are also valued in terms of it being a decorative item, especially considering a wide selection of variations they have. You can choose either polished or unpolished pyramids, and of course, pyramids of different sizes, from small (30 mm) up to very large ones (250 mm). Thank to this, you can easily adjust shungite pyramid to the specifications of your home or office space, for double effect – protective and decorative. Shop around to view all the options you can get for the personal healing and protection!

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