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Shungite Tiles Wholesale from Russia.
If you thought that you can experience shungite properties only through personal wearing and decorative items, well, maybe you’ve got another thing coming. You can approach the emf protection and energy balancing in ever broader and more complex way. Through using shungite tile to decorate walls in your household, you will be able to shield your home from all the negative radiation and influences from the outside in its full potential. The deep black color of shungite tile matches a lot of decorative decisions and is perfect for bathrooms. The decoration of your home with shungite time will make it easier for you to start your day well-rested and fresh and will give you all the energy you need to go about your day. But that is not the only application of shungite tile. Tile of different shapes rather than square can be used as decorative plates and stands. For example, these plates can preserve freshness of fruits and vegetables if placed on it. Polished octagonal, rectangular or even unshaped plates can really set the tone for your home and keep you protected and balance on the constant basis.

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