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Shungite Bracelets wholesale from Russia
Bracelets have always been the simple yet exquisite accessory to outline personal style. With that in mind, we offer a wide range of various bracelets made from shungite from Karelia. Shungite bracelets differ in amount and size of beads, there are different type of laces for your comfort, combinations of shungite with other stones and minerals, all of them crafted by hands from authentic stones. Thus, if you shop around you can always find something that suits your personal needs and preferences best. Aside from a clever addition to your style, there is a number a profit shungite bracelet can provide. Wrists are important hubs for the human health, so they need constant care and protection from negative influences. The blood vessels situated in wrists are essential for the functioning of the body, and it is up to famous healing properties of shungite bracelets to shield and revitalize them. The centering and balancing nature of two wrists can help to restore energy balance in your body, if treated with positive effects of shungite. And, of course, wearing shungite bracelets is the effective way to protect you from different kind of radiation, for example electromagnetic fields.

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