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Shungite beads wholesale from Russian Federation.
If you are looking for crafting your own pieces of jewelry out of genuine Karelian shungite, you can always browse the collection of crafting materials, such as shungite beads. You can purchase small amount of beads just to try it out, or a large bulk of authentic shungite beads for more long-term crafting experience. Shungite beads come in different sizes and even in different shapes, mostly round oval and cubic. This gives you more options to create your own unique pieces of jewelry with infinite number of combinations. All the beads are tumbled and polished and have little holes in them, so they are ready to go if you are going to make necklaces or bracelets. Aside from a clever addition to your style, there is a number profit shungite jewelry can provide. The beads will protect you from electromagnetic radiation, shield you from negative energy and influences, and will aid in restoring and rejuvenating your organism. Jewelry from shungite helps in dealing with a number of diseases, like skin, muscle, tissue illnesses and cardiac problems just to name a few. Moreover, you can combine shungite beads with other minerals for additional effects in crystal healing. Just be creative and craft your own shungite experience!

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