We have been manufacturing shungite products for years for the local and international markets using only Pure Authentic Shungite from Zazhoginsky Mine which is one of a few deposits in Republic of Karelia. We use shungite from this Karelian deposit since only shungite originating there has proven to be most beneficial one with the maximum useful properties from water filtration and fertilizing agricultural field to EMF protection and energies balancing. Our company supplies both finished products and raw materials, different fractions for water treatment and exclusive scarce elite shungite (also known as noble shungite /silver shungite / 1 grade shungite).

Companies and individuals from around the world choose to work and shop with us for the following reasons:

  • Only high quality products made from certified authentic shungite stone
  • Stable production facilities enabling continuous supplying
  • Best match prices in terms of quality and customer service
  • Substantial expertise in the field
  • Different shipping options depending on the speed or price needed