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Shungite pendant proved to be one most popular jewelry pieces made from shungite. This may be due to the fact that there is a large choice of pendants of different shapes and types, so everyone can pick something unique and personal for themselves. If you are a fan of a particular type of shungite, there is very high probability that some pendant from our collection will be in your taste. There are pendants with tumbled stones and beads, with elite shungite, with pieces of polished shungite carved in unique shape. But don’t forget that pendants serve not only as a complement to your personal style. Much more than that in brings famous positive properties of shungite to very important area of your body. It is where our vital organs, such as heart, lungs, cardiac vessels, spinal cord and much more are situated and connect to every other system in our organism. This area balances every process in our body from head to toes. That is why it is essential to keep this area centered and healthy. The energy and the healing abilities of shungite are beneficial for restoring and rejuvenating all these system for healthy functioning of our organism and such concentrated energy is efficiently stored in shungite pendants.

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