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Shungite Earrings and Rings wholesale from Russia.
Earrings and rings are the kind of jewelry almost every woman wears every day and are essential to her wardrobe and style. Our collection of various shungite jewelry can complement and enliven your style and options of your attire, especially if you are a fan of colors black and gray. You can choose from the simplest earrings or rings with beads of black shungite of different sizes to more sophisticated combinations of shungite and other pieces of jewelry, tassels, beautiful metal insertions, and, of course, nuggets of elite shungite. This wide selection can accommodate you to pick the ones that perfectly fit to your personal style. However, it is not all about the beauty and style. The famous shungite properties can have nourishing effect on the most important part of human body, i.e. our brain. Wearing shungite earring and rings can aid in centering and balancing the functioning of the brain, assisting in thought process, blood circulation in, out and within the brain, influence your emotional state. In result, this all affect the whole human body, rejuvenating and restoring the systems of organism and providing for healthy lifestyle.

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