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If you are looking for the most effective shungite protection and healing, look no further than Elite Shungite. This type of shungite is the rarest on the planet and can be found only in several shungite deposits in Karelia, in Russia. It consists from up to 98 percent of carbon and has silver glow to it rather than being a black stone like regular shungite. Because of its vulnerable structure, usually elite shungite is not polished or shaped in any way, which gives every piece of its uniqueness. Due to its extra high carbon consistency, it has the largest amount of positive properties among shungite stones. It is best to use Elite shungite to filter of purify waters, as it absorbs the highest amount of negative elements in water and enriches it with beneficial components. Moreover, elite shungite is very helpful in energy balancing and emf protection, so everyday wearing or placing it in your household can be very useful if you are looking for shielding yourself from these negative influences. Apart from acquiering stones of elite shungite you can also browse the collection of different jewelry pieces with nuggets of shungite, shop around to find the most suitable elite shungite products for you.

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