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Shungite spheres and eggs wholesale!
The spheres and the shungite eggs are the best offer for exercises and meditation, as it perfectly fits in your hands due to its shape. Holding it during activities like these will balance the energy in your body, restore your force and will give you a boost you need so much during exercising and meditations, so you will feel rested and fresh for the rest of your day. You can choose either polished or non-polished shungite goods and pick the size of sphere which is the most comfortable for you. Apart from that, you can carry shungite sphere or egg in your pocket for the constant protection from electromagnetic radiation and negative influences, for which shungite is so well-known. You can also pick a larger sphere or egg and place it on your desktop or around the house. This will keep you fit and strong during work and calm during rest. More than that, it can serve as a decorative item, especially in combination with beautiful stands and supports for spheres made from authentic shungite. Or even better, for decoration of your environment, you can purchase shungite spheres with a clock to always be on time with your activities.

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