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Shungite Jewelry is, of course, exquisite and beautiful part of your outfit, but there is much more to it than meets the eye. Wearing different pieces of shungite jewelry not only pleases the aesthetic taste of people around you, but is also a significant part of crystal healing, protection from negative outside influences (e.g. electromagnetic waves) and chakra balancing. Different pieces of jewelry influence different parts of your body, so you can achieve complex healing and protection and experience the properties of shungite in its full spectrum. Deep black color of shungite, or silver in case of elite shungite perfectly complement modern fashion trends and style choices, and with stylish comes the protection against all kinds of emf radiation that surrounds us today and is inherent in our smart phones and computers. Moreover, chakra balancing properties of shungite help to find harmony and grounding in your body from head to toes. Large range of various shungite jewelry products can contribute to your ultimate choice in what you need, necklaces or bracelets or earrings, different shape and sizes, elite or regular shungite, you can find it all!

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