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Tumbled shungite stones at wholesale prices from Russia are perfect choice for starting your journey in the magical world of shungite. First of all, tumbled stones are perfect for home or office decoration. You can put them in different bowls or plates and their beautiful black glow with soothe and calm you. But, of course, shungite is so much more than just a piece of decoration. Just it being around you will open a large spectrum of possible positive effects shungite stones possess. Tumbled shungite stones shield people around it from electromagnetic radiation, negative energy and influences and are beneficial for the mind and body. It is not just the aesthetical pleasure that gives you calmness, but all the famous shungite properties. It balances your well-being and pushing you towards ambitions and prosperity. And of course, one of the most useful applications of these stones is the water purification. Shungite is known for neutralizing the negative and waste elements in water and transforming them, enriching water with positive components. Water enriched with these components can help against a large array of diseases and illnesses, such as skin diseases, problems with digestive system, respiratory issues, and muscle and tissue pains. Purchase shungite tumbled stones and it can become your first step towards the wonderful world of shungite.

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