A Complete Guide to Shungite Properties

Shungite stone has so many unique properties and benefits that it is sometimes hard to grasp them. Shungite is used in many fields, such as water filtration, EMF protection, physical and spiritual healing, and even gardening.

Here is our easy comprehensive guide to shungite properties.

Shungite consists mainly of carbon, which has a unique spherical structure called fullerenes. None other mineral has the same structure. Thanks to fullerene structure, shungite is immensely effective for water filtering. Fullerenes absorb up to 98% of contaminants from the tap water, including heavy metals and pathogenic bacteria. Shungite also balances the pH level of water, so shungite water is completely safe to drink.

Shungite does not lose its filtering properties for a long time, unlike coal, so it can be used repeatedly.

Another major advantage of shungite water is that it is very easy to make. Here is our small step-by-step guide:

  1. Take 50-70 grams of elite shungite stones or 100-150 grams of regular shungite stones per 1 liter of water.
  2. Put shungite stones in a glass jar or any other water item you use, pour water into the jar and leave it for 24-48 hours.
  3. Drink the shungite water fresh as many times a day as you like.

Being a powerful mineral, shungite mineralizes the water, filling it with fullerenes and energizing it. By drinking shungite water, you will strengthen your immune and digestive system, detox your body and protect it from harmful substances contained in regular tap water.

We all use electronic devices on a daily basis. We are always on the phone, we watch TV, and use computers because they make our lives more convenient. But many of us do not know that all these devices stream invisible harmful waves called electromagnetic radiation, which creates electromagnetic fields or EMF. The modern 5G technology also emits harmful waves, which are called millimeter waves or MMW, which is even more damaging than EMF.

EMF causes mood swings, headaches, weakened immune system, sleep disorders and even eyesight problems.

There is also another kind of electromagnetic radiation: the electromagnetic field of the Earth is imbalanced in some places, which causes geopathic stress. Such zones are especially dangerous for children because they are extra sensitive to harmful radiation.

Scientists have proved that shungite naturally shields us from EMF, it neutralizes up to 90% of the harmful electromagnetic waves around. Using shungite products, such as pyramids, phone plates, jewelry, you will shield yourself, your family and your close ones from this danger.

Apart from EMF protection, shungite has natural healing properties due to its unique chemical structure.

With shungite, it is very easy to stay healthy. By having a shungite item in your house and wearing shungite jewelry on a daily basis you will improve your immune system, normalize your blood pressure and blood circulation. You will also feel that you sleep better and experience less stress.

As mentioned above, shungite consists of fullerenes. Fullerenes have an antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects proven by scientists. For that reason, shungite is widely used in cosmetics: shampoos, balms, creams, face masks, etc. made with shungite are immensely effective.

Healing balms and gels are used for treating joint pains, spinal pains and bruises. Shungite creams and face masks are beneficial for preventing dryness, treating inflammations and acne. Due to the antibacterial effect and due to the high content of natural antioxidants, shungite activates cellular regeneration and blood circulation, which gives shungite cosmetics an anti-aging property.

In addition, you can use shungite water externally to treat skin diseases, acne, inflammations and bruises. Shungite water restores pH balance of your skin, so the general condition of your skin will improve.

Moreover, shungite products are used for massaging. For example, shungite massage stones and sticks can be used for both cold-stone massage and hot-stone massage. Massage with shungite stones will improve blood circulation, reduce spinal pains and improve your well-being.

Due to shungite’s absorbing and antibacterial properties, shungite is widely used as a fertilizer in agriculture. Shungite absorbs harmful bacteria, toxins and contaminations, due to that shungite is imperative for the health of corps.

You should use 400-500 grams of shungite powder per 1 square meter to ensure that you get a rich harvest. Just mix it with soil and plant the seeds. Research proves that shungite increases harvest by 20-30% if you use it twice a year.

You can use shungite powder for your home plants as well – it will help them grow healthy and they will bloom for a longer time. Just add some shungite powder to a plant pot – simple as that!

To use shungite at its fullest for your garden, water your plants with shungite water. As was mentioned above, shungite water has the same benefits as shungite, it has the same healthy microelements, which will improve the condition of your garden.

Since ancient times people believed that crystals have magical healing properties. Shungite is no exception. Shungite has been used by Karelians in different rituals for hundreds of years, they somehow found out that shungite has beneficial healing powers. The benefits have been proved by numerous generations’ experience.

Shungite stone is a great choice to begin your crystal healing journey. Shungite has a soothing effect, it is calming and balancing. Shungite products come in different shapes, so they can be used for different purposes: shungite harmonizers and points for meditations, shungite pyramids for rituals, raw shungite stones for grounding, bracelets for yoga, and many other purposes. It is up to you to find the best way to use shungite for crystal healing.

Shungite is also a well-known crystal for Chakra balancing and cleaning. Chakra balancing is closely connected with crystal healing.

In Chakra balancing, shungite stone represents Root Chakra, our body’s fundamental energy center, which is located at the base of the spine. By balancing and cleaning your Root Chakra with shungite, you will ultimately restore your psychological state, you will feel calmer and safer than usual. Shungite will provide you with positive, soothing vibrations, which have a most positive impact on your overall well-being.

Sometimes Root Chakra is blocked, which means there is not enough energy. In that case, you feel anxious, depressed and fatigued. But sometimes Root Chakra can be excessive, which means that too much energy flows in. In that case, you feel anger, greed, jealousy and other negative emotions. Shungite is effective for both of the conditions, it will help you find balance: it will either energize you or calm you down, it will understand you and your feelings once you start carrying shungite with you.

There is no doubt that shungite has a variety of positive properties, now it is for you to decide which properties you would like to make use of. Whatever you decide to use shungite for, we are sure that you will have a positive experience with it. Go ahead and choose a product just for you in our shop!

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