Can Shungite Be Harmful? Common Side Effects of Shungite

Due to ability of shungite to influence the electro-magnetic waves, the question arises: can shungite affect the vital devices for a human being in a negative way, for example, if a person has a pacemaker, will shungite disturb its work or not? So today we are going to look on some of the shungite’s side effects, not only on electronics, but overall on a human health and mood.

Shungite is a source of great health and protection, but as any other medicinal item, it has its own side effect. And it shouldn’t really come as any surprise, since we can feel the immense power of this stone, so of course this power is able to have some sort of negative feedback. For example, it is advised to use with caution if you have hypertension, as the effects of shungite can be too overwhelming for your body. Even though shungite is beneficial for the disorders of the cardiovascular system, if you feel that the strain on your blood pressure is too high it is better to stop your shungite healing.

Another thing that can be affected by the powerful energy of shungite is your sleep. Because of the nature of shungite’s properties, people with very sensitive sleep patterns can experience sleep disorders or even insomnia. Thus, it is believed that if you are too sensitive to shungite’s energy or/and you have sensitive sleep you shoudn’t put shungite items in your bedroom, or at least use only shungite spheres and eggs in your bedroom, since their energy vibes are more well-rounded and faceted. However, if you don’t have these problems, remember that it is actually beneficial for you to have a shungite item nearby during sleep, as it shields you from nightmares and provides deeper rest and restoration through nighttime.

Despite this powerful energy stored in shungite, there are no indications that it can disturb the work of electric pacemakers. The point here is that shungite protects its user from negative electro-magnetic fields which are a product of electrical devices around us, yet shungite doesn’t influence the functioning of devices itself. For example, cellphones still ring and send texts around shungite, TV still shows you everything you wish to see and microwave still warms up your food. It is just that the amount of EMF radiated by these devices is diminished. This way, you don’t have to worry that your pacemaker may malfunction around shungite at all. By any measure, it is the other way around, shungite may prevent the EMF from affecting your pacemaker, especially if you will wear shungite necklace of shungite pendant directly above your heart.

A thing that you should be cautious, however, is that shungite can with time pile up all the negative energy and elements that it protects you from. This process, of course, can affect your health and mood if kept unchecked. In order to prevent it, recharge and cleanse your shungite item regularly, for example, once a month. If you notice, that your mood darkens around shungite, you should do it immediately. If you feel that negative effects around shungite became too strong, it is better to replace your item with a new one.

As you see, you still should be cautious while using shungite, but we guess it can be said about anything in the world, and the positive effects of shungite go way beyond of its side effects. So just try to remember this simple tips and enjoy the powerful properties of shungite every day!

30 thoughts on “Can Shungite Be Harmful? Common Side Effects of Shungite

  1. Lesley Ahsan says:

    This blog is definitely rather handy since I’m at the moment creating an internet floral website – although I am only starting out therefore it’s really fairly small, nothing like this site. Can link to a few of the posts here as they are quite. Thanks much. Zoey Olsen

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Lesley,
      Thank you so much. We will be looking forward to your order. Please contact us with any questions.

      • Shungite Wholesale says:

        Dear Lesley,
        No worries, shungite does not affect pacemakers.
        Best Regards,
        Shungite Wholesale

  2. Sandy Speight says:

    I make an electrolyte drink with Redmond’s sea salt, NuSalt and apple cider vinegar. Do you think those elements would have any negative effects on shungite if I add that to my water, too? Thanks!

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Sandy,
      We advise our clients not to put shungite into salt-containing liquids, as it might damage the structure of the stone.

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Ronna,
      We will surely do! Please subscribe to our newsletters to receive up-to-date limited-time offers for our clients.

  3. Joyce Gibson says:

    I fractured the radius bone in my wrist a few months ago it still has a lot of edema in it and feels hot to touch will the shungite bead bracelet I have help this edema. I ampain free at this time

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Joyce,
      We are glad to hear this! Thank you for choosing our store.
      Please contact us with any questions.

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Kiara,
      We recommend washing your shungite items in warm running water without any soap or salt once in 3-4 weeks. Then dry it with some cloth and leave it under direct sun or moonlight for a day. After that, your shungite will be charged with energy once again.
      You may always contact us via our email to learn more or visit our website blog section.

      • Katie Bells says:

        I love the energy shungite is providing me. However, I’m feeling a very powerful pull in my heart, when sleeping with the stone nearby. Can it cause damage to my heart?

        • Shungite Wholesale says:

          Dear Katie,
          Thank you for contacting us and letting us know about your issue. Basing on the research into shungite, it has no direct negative impact on the heart. However, we still recommend you to place shungite in another room, far from your bedroom and see whether this would resolve your issue. Should this not help you, please consult your doctor on this issue. Hope we could help.
          Best regards, Shungite Wholesale

  4. Avadhi says:

    I am facing a touch time with shungite. When I got my first stone it was such a supernatural experience but then after an year it became so emotionally dark and heavy for me to wear shungite or even be in the same room. Now I have changed and got a new one but the problem still persists. I am not me when I wear it , I am unable to sleep and I get extremely aggressive if I wear it even for an hour and if I forget it in my bedroom then I cnt sleep at all. Could u please guide.

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Avadhi, thank you for sharing this with us.
      Shungite like many other crystals and stones may have different effects on people depending on their surroundings, personality or other stones that are used together with the shungite. Please be careful and try not to wear it after you start to feel the heaviness. What we usually recommend or clients doing is to cleanse the shungite every 3-4 weeks in warm running water and charge it with sun or moonlight for a day. In addition to that, you might try grounding yourself with another shungite piece every now and then. Some of our clients also use other powerful stones to charge the shungite. We hope that this would help you resolve your issue.

  5. Natasha Allen says:

    Hi, can shungite effect a person if used to purify drinking and bath water?

    I would like to use it for that reason daily but have two small children. Is it safe?

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Shungite cleanses and remineralizes water both for drinking and for baths. It positevly affects your skin and gut health. And it is completely safe for small kids to drink it and bathe in it!

  6. Sam says:

    I had purchased the Shungite stone to address the EFM effects . Since I have had the pyramids, I have started experiencing High BP which was sudden and never had that issue. and I had to go on BP meds.Would Shungite stone cause it?

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      No, shungite does not cause any differences in blood pressure. We hope you stay healthy!

    • Sha says:

      The 2nd paragraph says it can effect blood pressure, so yes, it’sfrom the stone…

      “For example, it is advised to use with caution if you have hypertension, as the effects of shungite can be too overwhelming for your body. Even though shungite is beneficial for the disorders of the cardiovascular system, if you feel that the strain on your blood pressure is too high it is better to stop your shungite healing.”

  7. Toby says:

    Hello and Thankyou for providing the platform for communication. I would like to know if consuming Shungite in fine powdered form (such as charcoal) is safe? I can’t find any info on the web.

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Toby,
      Thank you for yor question. At the moment we do not have enough data on this topic. So we do not recommend consuming shungite in any shape without consulting your doctor first.

  8. Valerie says:

    I bought a lot of elite Shungite stones a while back and recently bought a EMF meter. I tested it out and sure enough it works to block the EMF’s. I’m impressed. I do rinse it regularly and put it in the sun or grow light for a few days then put it back around TV’s, etc. I’m taping it on my outlets that have many plugs in them. Works!
    I have noticed some of my air filters and multi plug outlets are the higher readings of anything else in my home..

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Valerie,
      We are happy that you notice the effects of shungite on EMF! Nowadays, we all need to try to limit its influence on our health and shungite is a great way to do it.
      Looking forward toseeing you in our store!
      Shungite Wholesale

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Jax,
      Yes, shungite water is safe to drink when pregnant. We recommend taking a week-long break after every two weeks of regular shungite water consumption. That is why your body doesn’t develop a tolerance for shungite water and it always has powerful effects on your health.
      Shungite wholesale

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