Enrich the Life of Your Home Plants with the Power of Shungite


You may have heard that shungite is used extensively in agriculture and that its properties help with fertility and the abundance of harvest. But did you know that the same results can be achieved at home with your home plants? Well, of course you don’t need them to be harvested, but it will be good for them to stay in shape and be beautiful as ever. Shungite possesses a number of bioactive and anti-bacterial elements that will bring your plants new vigor and is a great supplement for any living organism.  Today we will talk about what shungite brings to the table and what to do to give your plants new energy.

Benefits of shungite

Shungite is hugely beneficial in plant growth since it contains a number of elements which are essential for a healthy growth. They include phosphorus, vanadium, cobalt, copper, zinc, calcium, etc. Applying shungite powder to the soil enriches it with these elements and mineralizes it to great results. Shungite powder is also able to influence the temperature (also through its deep black color) and the humidity level of the soil which is also crucial for the vital processes of plant life. The most evident proof of this shungite property is the agricultural prominence of the soil around shungite deposits in Shunga village in Karelia.

Applying shungite water

Aside from just putting shungite powder in the soil you can make some other contraptions which will help you keep your houseplants fit and healthy. You can water your plants with shungite water. Just put 50-70 grams (0,11-0,15 lbs) of elite shungite stones or 150-200 grams (0,33 – 0,44 lbs) of regular shungite stones in one liter of water and leave it for two days.  Shungite water will be a great piece of nutrition for your plants, especially combined with the shungite powder in the soil. You can also put shungite water in the spray bottle to wash your plants with it and humidify the air. This will create safe and protected environment around your plants and shield it from any negative influences in the environment.

Shungite drainage

Drainage is essential for any plant life. If your soil is too dense then it will lose oxygen access with time and your plant will be left without nutrition. To combat this process you should put drainage inside the pot – small stones of various sizes. Yet different stones possess different properties and they are not always the positive ones. We offer you drainage that will actually help with a lot of vital processes of your plants along with its major function. You can put small shungite rocks in your flower pots to enrich the soil with bioactive elements and create a positive atmosphere for healthy life of a plant. You can pick rocks of different sizes according to your needs and whether you want elite stones (which are more effective) or regular ones.

Shungite pot

If you have a small plant we can offer you a perfect item for its healthy life. Simply put your plant in a shungite glass and it will be wrapped inside the shungite energy. The properties of shungite will influence your plant comprehensively and evenly day and night to the best effects. Shungite pot will fill the soil with all the positive elements shungite can provide and filter the toxins inside the soil and in the air to stabilize the growth and ensure larger fertility. You can also use the shungite glass for very young plants before transplanting it into a bigger pot once it is strong enough.

As you can see, plant life and shungite go hand to hand. If you are a botany enthusiast this information will be useful for the healthy life of your house plants, or maybe even for a small garden. Buy shungite and give love to your favorite plants with its positive properties.

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