Try New Creative Experiments with Shungite Paint!

Shungite never stops to amaze us with its versatility. We use it for everyday protection by carrying shungite stones and elite shungite nuggets around with us or by wearing shungite jewelry, we shield our households with larger shungite items, purify our drinking water with shungite water stones, block EMF from our gadgets with shungite phone stickers and so on. Today we present you with something new: a way to shield your home completely from unwanted energies and negative influence as well as decorate anything you want with the healing properties of shungite. The means for that is shungite paint.

Paint it black

Shungite paint is a great decision for any interior. Its magnetic deep black color will truly tie your rooms together and set the tone for any further decoration. You can always experiment with a lot of dark shades and colors and they will always fit your shungite paint on the walls. The dark paint will also make your living space appear deeper and larger, the thing that you cannot achieve with lighter colors. What’s more, it is said that dark colors are much more relaxing after a busy day at work and you can always turn it around with proper lighting.

But the real treasure of shungite paint lies, of course, in its powerful properties. Not only the color of shungite walls will relax you, but massive calming and soothing properties of shungite will have a huge role in that. It will not only improve your mood to fight another day in your professional life, but also help in fighting stress, anxiety, tension and fatigue. Shungite paint will effectively shield you from the dangers of modern age and technology, substantially diminishing the amount of EMF and 5G radiation at your household, which will have crucial long-term effect on your health. Shungite’s effects on the energy flows will also become evident as time goes by, as you will feel grounded and balanced.

The manual

The key component to making shungite paint is shungite powder. The first step in creating legit shungite paint is making a shungite paste. In order to do it you should mix shungite powder with water in a proportion 1:2. The paste that you will get in result can already be used as a wall coating, yet it can lack stickiness and hardness, but you can always experiment with that. Just put couple of layers of shungite paste on your wall and leave it to dry.

However, if you wish to get proper shungite paint that will make you healthy and protected for years to come, you should mix shungite paste with paint. You can take standard wall paint that you can find in any hardware store. Take white paint or a transparent one to outline the black color of shungite and mix it with shungite paste. Keep adding shungite paste to get a shade of black that will fit your interior. Once you get the color you need, you can use it as you would use a regular wall paint, plain and simple.


Of course, we talked a bit about the advantages of darker shades in your interior, but it isn’t the only way to go when you are decorating your home. If you are a much larger fan of light and/or bright colors, feel free to mix shungite paste with any color you like. Check out what colors you can mix with black and what results can you get beforehand and just try to experiment and have some fun.

Another important point to say about shungite paint is that you can use it on other decorative elements aside from walls. If you like shungite paint or maybe wish to give some object shungite properties, you can always paint it too. Just mix shungite paint with the type of paint you would normally use, like acrylic paint for example, and you are good to go!

This type of experiments is one of our favorite things about shungite and we would like to share it with you. Try to make your own shungite paint, decorate your home and share your results in the comment section! Purchase shungite powder to make your own personal shungite haven!

2 thoughts on “Try New Creative Experiments with Shungite Paint!

  1. monique says:

    hello dear shungite friends,
    i want to protect my sleeping place, and have some questions about making and placing the paint
    -how many layers are necessary ?
    -i want to do only the floor under the bed and the wall behind, not the whole room, is that oke?
    -is adding crystal powder a plus benefit?
    -how many paste do I need to put in the paint for enough covering
    -i do not want to ground this with a copper wire, is that oke?
    Thank for answering alllll my questions! 🙂

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Monique,
      Thank you for your questions!
      One layer of the Shungite Paint, from our experience, is already enough to feel safer in the area behind these walls. You may do just one wall and the floor, yes, this will help you reduce the EMF in the area, however for a comprehensive protection you might want to add a shungite pyramid or a cube to be a helpful addition to the paint. A shungite tile under your wi-fi and or cell phone for the night – is another great option.
      We have not tried adding other crystls’ powder to the paint but would love to hear from you if you try it!
      We recommend adding 1 part of shungite to 2 parts of paint. If the paint is water based you may first mix shungite powder with water (1 to 2) to avoid cluts or balls of powder and then add it to the paint 1 to 2 proportions.
      If copper wire grounding is not required to use with shungite paint. Please keep in mind thought that one better have their sockets at home grounded to avoid surges.

      Feel free to contact us with any question directly at

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