Is My Phone Harming Me? Battle EMF Together with Shungite!

The dangers of our environment are often invisible to us. We can live our lives freely and with easy without even thinking that we are under some menace. But it all comes to haunt us later in life, when we expect it the least. Today we are going to talk about one of these threats and how we can battle it.

Our gadgets undoubtedly make our lives easier every day. Through them, we are connected to millions of people, have access to vast knowledge of the world and just means for leading a fulfilling everyday life. With them, we can plan our activities, stay in touch with friends and family and are informed of the latest events. But there is something about our gadgets which we cannot see. The thing is, that the very means that make our gadgets tick is actually harmful to us. Smartphones, tablets, laptops – they are all sources of electro-magnetic fields and radiation (often call simply EMF).

The tricky thing about EMF is that it is very hard to spot its harmful influence. Yes, there are minor things that we can notice, such as fatigue, headaches, depression, anxiety, insomnia, but there are literally thousands of reasons why these symptoms can appear and usually we choose to search for reasons for this within ourselves, when the threat is actually an outside one. And electro-magnetic radiation is a slow killer, so there are cases when people only notice that they have some sort of health issue connected to EMF by the age of 35-40, but by the age of 50-60 it can unravel into a serious ailment. The most common diseases connected to EMF exposure include various forms of cancer, strokes, organ failures, skin diseases, dementia and other brain disorders, etc. And don’t forget that you are not the only one who is affected, weaker immune systems of your children, elderly and pets have even a harder time fighting EMF’s harm than your healthy adult organism.

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are not the only ones that spread EMF. Certainly, as wireless communication devices they are much more dangerous, but electro-magnetic field can be found around any electrical device. Other major threats at home are microwaves, TVs, cameras and fridges. However, with a great technological progress of the 20th and 21st centuries, the nature of EMF is well researched by now, so the means of protection from EMF are known to the mass public. And our favorite rock shungite is a big player in this game.

Shungite has proved itself in a series of tests to effectively shield a large portion of electro-magnetic radiation due to its unique chemical composition. Just like with its ability to filter toxins in water with the help of carbon and fullerenes, shungite is able to stop the spreading of toxic elements in the air. That is why we have a wide selection of shungite goods to help you battle EMF any way you find suitable for yourself.

For personal protection, we have a number of various shungite pendants. Apart from being a stylish deep black piece of jewelry, shungite pendant effectively protects your chest area – arguably one of the most important in our bodies. You can also shield other crucial areas with different kinds of shungite jewelry – bracelets, necklaces and earrings. To diminish the amount of EMF produced by your gadgets you can use shungite phone plates, small, nearly invisible stickers that will be attached to your phone or tablet. You can also carry shungite stones around with you daily, to be safe from EMF wherever you go.

To protect your household and your close ones, there are various shungite products that will organically fit in any interior. Shungite cubes, spheres and pyramids are a great base for interior design and will be a suitable decoration for a desktop or sleeping area. If you are looking for more comprehensive protection, you can decorate some areas of your home (such as a bathroom or a kitchen) with shungite tiles. The magnetic black color has proved to be popular nowadays and can fit a lot of redecoration options.

As you see, the possibilities with shungite are endless. Feel free to shop around and bring the magic of shungite protection into your life. Purchase shungite products and shield yourself from negative influence of EMF!

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