The Countless Benefits of Shungite Water: How to Get it into Your Life?

Nutrition is one of the primary components of healthy lifestyle and that is obvious, right? After all, we are what we eat. But even though people seem to be getting more conscious about their eating habits, they forget to have the same opinion about the most important element on the planet – water. It looks like everyone is ok with just boiling their running water or spring water, which is too self-assured if you ask us. Of course it is an effective means to decontaminate water, but it lacks when it comes to enriching it and can even kill the positive elements in your water. Nevertheless, there are ways to ensure that you get the most from the water you drink with the use of shungite.

What is shungite water?

Powerful shungite properties filter water in a way of decontaminating the most toxic elements within it and transforming the ones that can be transformed into positive ones, which can boost the healthy output of the water. More than that, you can consume shungite water without boiling it, so the water doesn’t lose any of its beneficial effects. Shungite is able to clean up 95 % of bacteria in water like streptococcus and get rid of such negative elements as chlorine compounds, nitrates, copper, magnesium, iron, pesticides. In return, shungite enriches water with oxygen, calcium and magnesium, apart from other healthy elements.  Besides this invisible work, shungite can also get rid of water’s foul taste and smell in some cases. 

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How to make shungite water?

First of all, you need to clean your shungite stones, since they can have dust and residue from manufacturing. Just put your stones under the running water for a few minutes and they will be ready to go. Next, you need to put shungite stones into the water container that you wish to cleanse. Don’t forget that you should follow correct proportions for your shungite water to be effective. If you have regular shungite stones you should use 150-200 grams (0,33 – 0,44 lbs) of stones for one liter of water (0,26 gallons). If you have elite shungite stones the proportion is 50-70 grams (0,11-0,15 lbs) of stones for one liter of water. After that, you should just leave your shungite water to rest avoiding the direct sunlight for 24-48 hours. After 24 hours you can already drink the water, yet the full effects of shungite cleansing are evident after two days. And don’t forget to cleanse charge your stones at least once a month, otherwise it will lose its effectiveness.

How to use shungite water at home?

Apart from obvious that you can drink the cleanest water and get all of it nutritious effects, there are number of ways to apply purified shungite water at home. You can use it instead of running water in cooking, giving its healthy properties to your food. Also, you can use it as the base for different drinks, such as tea, coffee, lemonade, etc. More than that, you can use it in your hygiene routine to wash your hands, face, mouth after brushing your teeth, etc. There is a vast amount of positive effects that shungite water brings to the table. It has an antihistamine effect so it decreases the level of histamines in your blood. Shungite’s fullerenes are a great aid for your health as they bear an antioxidant effect and block negative reactions in your cells which can prevent cancer. Shungite water is great for detox as it purges a large amount of toxins in your body and increases the metabolism, so it is also beneficial for weight loss. The application of shungite stones to your bath water has an overwhelming relaxing effect and can ensure your body’s rest and restoration after a hard day’s work.

Other uses of shungite water

Shungite water can not only boost the health of you and your close ones but also your pets. It is of course obvious that you can give the water to them to drink, however you can also create a healthy environment for your fish by putting shungite stones into the aquarium. If you have a pool in your backyard you can install shungite filter to ensure that your water procedures give you more than just physical shape. If you have your own well or a spring, you can put shungite stones on the bottom of it (of course, in much larger amounts) to always get nutritious shungite water. And if you are a fan of landscape design you can make a pond in your yard with shungite stones in it. It is of course to the benefit of shungite that it also looks great and the marvelous black stones will be an exquisite addition to your household.

Basically, the possible applications of shungite water are limitless. Just remember, where there is water, there can always be shungite water and every water activity you pursue can be made healthier with the help of shungite. Purchase shungite water stones and enrich your life with all the positivity of this marvelous stone!

4 thoughts on “The Countless Benefits of Shungite Water: How to Get it into Your Life?

  1. A says:

    “After that, you should just leave your shungite water to rest avoiding the direct sunlight for 24-48 hours.”

    Why should the water avoid direct sunlight?

    Would sunlight through a window count?


    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Thank you for the question!
      Any kind of water, especially in a closed reservoir, would start loosing its freshness and taste when exposed to sun for a long time. And it’s always tastier to drink cool water, rather than warm. Don’t hide in a closet, no need to move it around either, just keep it somewhere in your kitchen, for example. And if your room is on the sunny side of the building you might want to place your water to a place where sun is least intensive i.e not in front of the window.
      Hope this helps!

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Jode, we recommend washing them under running water and leaving them to recharge under direct sun or moonglight for about 12 hours.

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