Monthly Archives: December 2019

Try New Creative Experiments with Shungite Paint!

Shungite never stops to amaze us with its versatility. We use it for everyday protection by carrying shungite stones and elite shungite nuggets around with us or by wearing shungite jewelry, we shield our households with larger shungite items, purify our drinking water with shungite water stones, block EMF from our gadgets with shungite phone […]

How Shungite Helps Your Digestion

As you may already know, shungite has countless areas of use, but its major influence is always on us, human beings. It helps us energetically, mentally, and, what is most important, physically. Shungite’s properties help us to be protected from negative influences in our environment, restore our body from stress and fatigue, tissue damage and […]

A Complete Guide to Shungite Properties

Shungite stone has so many unique properties and benefits that it is sometimes hard to grasp them. Shungite is used in many fields, such as water filtration, EMF protection, physical and spiritual healing, and even gardening. Here is our easy comprehensive guide to shungite properties. Shungite consists mainly of carbon, which has a unique spherical […]

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