How Shungite Helps Your Digestion

As you may already know, shungite has countless areas of use, but its major influence is always on us, human beings. It helps us energetically, mentally, and, what is most important, physically. Shungite’s properties help us to be protected from negative influences in our environment, restore our body from stress and fatigue, tissue damage and pain, eliminate toxins in our body and have great impact on all systems of our body. This can be achieved by carrying shungite around with you, wearing shungite jewelry and placing shungite items at home. However, there is one thing that works best compared to other methods of shungite healing – drinking shungite water. Today we are going to talk about something very specific – how does shungite water influence our digestion?

Why is it important?

We are what we eat. This simple idea is often neglected or completely forgotten in a moment when we see something incredibly delicious (even as we know that it probably isn’t very healthy). This negligence, paired with nutrition illiteracy leads to massive problems with digestion, which in turn, can affect our whole body. If at first you only feel uncomfortable during the digestion process, like heaviness, stomach pains, diarrhea or constipation, by the age of 40-50 this can all develop into serious diseases. Remember, the key is always healthy nutrition, and shungite isn’t a panacea against everything while leading an unhealthy diet. But it can certainly help in easing the symptoms, treating diseases if they have already developed and putting your mind towards healthy nutrition.

The usual suspects

Shungite’s properties are well-researched and tested to this day. We know that it reduces pain and inflammation, it has antibacterial and antioxidant capabilities, as well as antihistamine effect. All of this is very important when it comes to digestion as all of these processes directly influence negative processes in your stomach. When you arm yourself with these properties and abilities you can successfully treat the symptoms of gastritis, ulcer, colic, colitis, kidney and gallbladder stones. If you already have these diseases it is effective in reducing pain and starting treating and restoration processes. People with allergies will be happy to know that it can ease and treat food allergies. More than that, shungite possesses an anti-aging property so it helps to keep your digestive system in shape and prevents any age-related ailments.

Where do I get it?

This all is achieved with the help of shungite water, which is extremely simple to make and use. All you need is shungite water stones, a water reservoir and time. Wash your shungite water stones, then put it the water with a proportion of 150-200 grams (0,33-0,44 lbs) of shungite per one liter of water (1,05 quart). If you have elite shungite stones, then you should use 50-70 grams (0,11-0,15 lbs). Leave it for a couple of days and you can safely use it afterward to treat your digestive problems.

Set your mind to it

Another area in which shungite prevails is its influence on our energy and emotions. This one may seem a little bit vague, but it is always what people tell us about their experience with shungite. Shungite may bring so much positive energy, awareness and determination into your life, that you will be motivated to lead healthy diet and care deeply about your nutrition. This may be also achieved through drinking shungite water, as well as using other shungite products, like jewelry and home decoration.

The influence of shungite over our digestion is immense and we hope that you will want to try it yourself. Just don’t forget to recharge the stones once every two weeks to keep it fresh and strong. Drink shungite water to get rid from any problems with your digestion and overall health!

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