How to Check Whether Your Shungite Piece is Authentic or Fake?

In the day and age we are living it is very easy to find ourselves in the situation when we buy a fake product since we purchase so much online. We have no possibility to see and touch what we are buying and there is a number of unreliable sellers who are up to no good and are have to exploit it. And when you are buying something like shungite, you need to be sure that you are acquiring an authentic product, especially if you are buying it in order to enjoy its numerous powerful properties. Obviously, any other stone that just looks like shungite will not help you in your journeys towards healing, protection and cleansing. Today we are going to give you some small tips which will help you to determine if the stone you’ve bought is a genuine or a fake one.

Touch it and see

If you have already worked with shungite in the past, you must have noticed that it leaves black stains when you touch it. Especially raw stones, yet even processed regular shungite stones leave some amount of residue whenever you hold them. This comes from high percentage of carbon in shungite’s composition and is next to impossible to imitate. Thus, after you receive your presumable shungite piece, try to hold it for some time. If your hands will be crystal clean after that, you probably have been lied to about this one piece. However, there can be a case, when due to the way a shungite product is produced it was stripped of residue, so if you are not sure you can check its authenticity with other methods.

Raw elite shungite stones’ authenticity is usually easier to check, since it is very hard to make a believable forgery. Elite shungite has a unique silvery surface and is extremely fragile to the point that even holding it in your hand can break off small nuggets from it. If you feel that your piece doesn’t have these qualities and it will be quite a challenge to harm it, yeah, you’ve been duped. However, if you see that your elite stone has infusions of other colors, don’t worry. These are just other minerals, like pyrite, which can fuse to shungite after millennia of lying in the ground together.

Science, Enthusiast!

If you still have doubts after a visual check, you can perform a simple test to make sure that your stone is a genuine one. You see, shungite is a highly conductive rock, which is not a very common thing. This comes from the combination of carbon and iron in its composition. So all you will have to do is make a small electric chain. Bear with us, it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. All you’ll need is a small battery, wires, and an electric bulb, or any other device that can signal to you that the chain is complete. Connect wires to a shungite and after that to a bulb. If your piece is authentic, it will surely work, otherwise you probably have a fake specimen.

Shungite lovers don’t love shieldite

Some of these unreliable sellers can sell you shieldite under the name of shungite. Or they will advertise shieldite heavily, trying to convince you that its properties are on par with those of shungite. We wouldn’t advise listening to that, since it is usually unclear what they are actually selling under the name of shieldite. They fail to present any certificates of authenticity, or even provide you with the source or chemical composition of their product. We are not even sure most of the times that it is of natural origin or is man-made. So all the buzz surrounding shieldite sounds shady to us and we would recommend against using it and in favor of relying on the product that has been studied heavily over the last hundred years and has proved its effectivity time and time again – shungite.

So there you have it, we hope this small guide will prevent you from buying shungite from unreliable sellers and will help you to bring the magical healing and protection of shungite into your life. And remember – real shungite only comes from Karelia – the heart of the North!

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