What is so Unique About Shungite’s Composition?

We love to use shungite stones for different purposes, whether it is physical and spiritual healing, protection from negative influences in your environment, water cleansing, beauty routine, you name it. And it is all made possible by powerful properties which are inherent in this magnificent stone. But you may be wondering, what actually makes shungite tick? Where all these mysterious capabilities of shungite come from? Well, it is what’s inside that matters, of course. Today we are going to look at physical and chemical characteristics of shungite to see what makes it such a unique rock.

Carbon and some other Nobel prize winning stuff

The most obvious thing we need to mention about shungite is that it, for the most part, is composed of carbon. The amount of carbon varies in different types of shungite from 30 % in regular shungite and up to 98 % in elite shungite. This high amount of carbon actually allows shungite to conduct electricity, which is not often seen in rocks or minerals.

And if carbon doesn’t really surprise you in our day and age, it’s unique molecular structure surely should. You see, shungite possesses such a rare chemical bond between atoms called fullerenes, that its existence was only presumed through the centuries and only in the 1980s it was proved to exist in the universe. However, it was only in 1996 that with the help of shungite scientists of the University of Sussex made a breakthrough in the discovery of fullerenes. For their research, these scientists were awarded Nobel prize in chemistry, and shungite has since become a world-famous phenomenon.

Fullerenes are basically the soul and the essence of any shungite stone. Most of its wonderful properties stem from them. The structure of fullerene molecules allows them to be a perfect natural filter. This way, shungite becomes great antioxidant and effectively fights free radicals. Through fullerenes shungite is able to purify water and shield you from EMF and other negative influences. The natural power of fullerens allows them to slow down aging processes, cancer cells formation and accelerates such processes of our bodies as detoxification, metabolism and restoration and regeneration of tissue. As you see all of these comprise a huge crucial part of shungite’s properties so the role of fullerenes in overall work of shungite is immeasurable. More than that, apart from making shungite electro conductive the fullerene structure also makes shungite a great means for thermal conductivity.

And the whole funky bunch

However, carbon is not the only element that gives shungite its power and energy. In some amount, you will be able to find almost half of the periodic table in one shungite stone. One of the most abundant elements in shungite (after carbon) is silicon, namely silicon dioxide. Paired with carbon, silicon is effective when it comes to fighting bacteria and is essential for shungite healing and cleansing properties. Metals are also important when it comes to water filtering and shungite has plenty of them – iron, aluminum, magnesium, potassium, sodium, titanium, calcium and others. All of these elements also their own properties to the mix, enhancing the ones of shungite.

The uniqueness of shungite’s composition is also found in a fact, that the in the end the combination of all these elements in the molecules of shungite creates a bipolarity in the stone. This not only makes it a great shield against the electro-magnetic fields but also makes it more adhesive towards other substances. It is this bipolarity that enables us to use shungite and shungite water while creating numerous beauty products and shungite-based medicine.

So when it comes to its physical form, shungite doesn’t hide any secrets. The great amount of studies has revealed all of the wonderful shungite properties (at least that which are known today) which we enjoy and utilize on a daily basis. It is the spiritual nature of shungite which is more mysterious and luring, but we try to learn more about it day after day and we hope that you will be a great help in that. Purchase shungite and bring the magical world of healing and protection into your life!

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