Why Shungite Cosmetics is a New Big Thing?

We care a lot about our beauty, both inner and outer, and if inner beauty needs our actions, endeavors, thoughts, emotions and knowledge to be maintained, our outer beauty needs an outside help all the time. Simple everyday washing can be regarded as this outside help but just think for a second how much depends on how we do it and with what. Not mentioning our beauty routine, choosing the correct cosmetic product can be harder than picking a number between one and thousand. However, if you are a fan of northern nature and wish to find a cosmetic product which is based on natural vitamins and minerals straight from the ecosystems of the North that also will heal and protect your body (yeah, that’s kind of a long thought to have about cosmetics), well, look no further than shungite cosmetics!

Why buy natural cosmetics?

Today organic and natural cosmetics are having a blast. Through numerous studies over the last hundred years, people have found out that a lot of ingredients which were used by big cosmetic companies were actually affecting your health negatively in a long-term. With these exposés people around the world have become more and more concerned about the products they use on a daily basis. And just as the scandals emerged, natural cosmetics got their big break, with full clarity on their components and authenticity certificates. Its simplicity, accessibility and low price have won people’s hearts in no time.

And we can say all of that about shungite cosmetic products. The powerful shungite properties are doing half the work, while the other half is given to the marvelous specimens of the Northern fauna: flowers, bushes, trees, berries, all of them hold great effects within, healing your body and spirit, apart from having a restoring and reinvigorating effect on your skin.

What effects does shungite bring to the table?

Shungite’s properties have acquired quite a fame over the last couple of years, and all of these properties are present in shungite cosmetic products. First of all, its healing and regenerative effects are all over the place. The fullerenes, unique composition structure of shungite are beneficial in preventing premature aging of the skin. More than that, shungite is a great source of antioxidants which in turn attack free radicals on your skin, battling their harmful influence. That can help you prevent (or get rid of) wrinkles, dryness of the skin and bags under eyes. For these effects you can use shungite creams and lotions on your face.

But what can shungite do about some immediate damage of the skin? Well, its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties come into play when you need to treat acne, rashes, redness, etc. Shungite products have a soothing effect on damaged areas and clean the skin from any irregularities. Other products like shungite gels or cream-balms can have the same effect on wounds and closed injuries. In addition to this, shungite’s healing property works great magic when it comes to reducing pain, swelling, improves circulation and, again, provides your damaged areas with accelerated regeneration.

The rich composition of shungite cosmetics also has a nourishing effect on your body. This way, when you perform the abovementioned procedures on your skin, shungite and the active components of a cosmetic product enriches you with a large number of healthy and positive elements, such as various vitamins, oils, calcium, zink, iron, etc. This nutrition will pay off in long-term, as you can see through extensive use of shungite cosmetics.

The large array of shungite products

In our catalogue of shungite cosmetic products you will be able to find various kinds of products that can fit your personal cosmetic routine perfectly. There are shungite soaps, gels, scrubs, hair masks, serums, shampoos, foot creams, bath foams, balms, sprays, you name it. Feel free to shop around and find the specific product you need depending on its application and ingredients or order full sets for comprehensive healing and protection. Purchase shungite cosmetics and bring the healing and restoration of the North into your daily life.

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