Shungite Wholesale from Russia Zazhoginsky mine

     With the world becoming more and more curious about mysterious shungite stone from Karelia and people now being acquainted with it more than ever the need arises for large and longstanding supply of shungite all over the world.  Shungite wholesale supplies can reduce the overall cost and increase your business competitive value on the market.  With our own shungite production facilities and direct access to the Zazhoginsky mine in the Republic of Karelia we are able to provide shungite in bulk at low cost in every corner of the planet.  

     Shungite from Zazhoginsky mine is well-known among shungite enthusiasts and the deposit itself is the largest in the world and the only place where you can find elite shungite. Zazhoginsky mine is situated in the Medvezhyegorsky district of Republic of Karelia on the Zaonezhsky peninsula and has the size of 22×11 kilometers. It is estimated that nearly 35 million tons of shungite is deposited in Zazhoginsky mine, with the yearly rate of production reaching 200 thousand tons with the prospects of increasing this capacity. The mine has train and water communication to the major trade routes (even though water route is unavailable in winter) in Petrozavodsk train station and the Baltic Sea ports respectively.  The Zazhoginsky mine accumulates colossal amount of shungite which provides us with the opportunity to supply you any size of shungite order.

     The large range of different items we produce and vital expertise of our specialists can help you access or start shungite business or expend the assortment of your shop.  Range of our shungite wholesale products varies from shungite jewelry (such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.), elite shungite in bulk, shungite pyramids of different shapes and sizes to cosmetic products with shungite, shungite tumbled stones, spheres and harmonizers.  Buying, for example, shungite beads wholesale will result in great discounts and can establish vital long-term business relations with supply of shungite from Zazhoginsky mine, which is respected and famous all around the world.  

     Send your inquires to get up-to-date shungite wholesale prices to our e-mail address our fill in contact form on our site, so you can get authentic shungite products and appreciate all the benefits of wholesale shungite supplies.  

17 thoughts on “Shungite Wholesale from Russia Zazhoginsky mine

  1. Sallys says:

    Dear. Seller

    I am intertested in normal and elite shungite.
    Could you send each size and price about normal and elite?
    I will wait for your reply.
    Thank you

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Sallys,
      We will be happy to ship you our best Regular and Elite shungite. Please feel free to place an order through our site, all discounts will be applied automatically. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

  2. Catherine Carole Patton says:

    Where are you located your address and phone number, please?
    Do you have the best elite quality silvery stones?
    Can I order a small amount? I live in the USA after order and processing of order how long will it take to receive the order?
    Thank you,
    C. Carole Patton

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear C. Carole,
      Thank you for the questions. We will be glad to see you in our store. We are located and registered in Karelia, Russia, to provide you with the best and authentic shungite from our region. Please feel free to place an order. It will be processed and shipped to you within a week. The shipping to the US usually takes 15 to 30 business days now. Please feel free to contact us via email at any time.

  3. Sturla Sylten says:

    Inquires of wholesale prices
    We are looking for direct suppliers in Russia for shungite. We are interested in wholesale price list.
    Best regards, Sturla&Monika

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Sturla,
      Thank you for your interest. Our website prices are wholesale. Feel free to place your order and additional discounts will be applied automatically. Do not hesitate to contact s with any questions.

  4. Verna Azlin says:

    Looking for tiles. To be installed in homes. Wall s counters,Floors ECT. Sizes and price ranges?

  5. Erica says:


    I am interested in buying bulk quantity of your Shungite products, both jewelry and loose materials at wholesale pricing. I am a wholesaler in Los Angeles, California, USA.

    Please send me wholesale price list of what you have.

    Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon.


    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Erica,
      Thank you for your reply. We are happy to inform you that you may now use the website prices to calculate the total of your order, as our special bulk order discounts will be applied automatically when checking out. Please feel free to place an order or contact us with any questions.

  6. Tania Skehan says:

    Good afternoon
    I have a crystal & healing shop in Coolangatta Queensland Australia….I am enquiring about registration for wholesale Shungite.

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Tania,
      Thank you for your interest. We will be happy to cooperate with you. Please feel free to place your order online and our special wholesale discount will be applied automatically. Do not hesitate to contact us with any qestions.

  7. Rebecca A Anderson says:

    Hi I would like to buy bulk just in a bag of pieces if possible
    Let me know the quantity price and shipping please would be awesome in the United States thank you so much

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Rebecca,
      Please feel free to browse our website for our latest offer of shungite stones. We will be happy to send it to the US in any amount that you prefer. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

  8. Roxana says:

    Hola. Podrian enviarme lista de precio por mayor de sunghit (elite y normal y tamaños) gracias.

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Roxana,
      Thank you for your question. All our website prices are wholesale. The additional discount will be added depending on the size of the order (up to 35%). Feel free to place an order or contact us directly through email:

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