Shungite Beads and How to Use Them


Today we are going to talk about probably the most creative shungite items of them all which are shungite beads. If you always wanted craft your own shungite jewelry and let your imagination decide what kind of shungite jewelry you will wear, shungite beads are the thing for you. Shungite beads are the means for creating a truly unique jewelry items which will outline your personal style and will be an exquisite addition to your collection.

Deep black color of shungite is a perfect match for any outfit. With shungite beads your crafted jewelry can be in any style you wish. From elegant minimalist to boho chunky you can give a personal touch to your bracelets, necklaces or earrings. Make an official statement with handcrafted shungite jewelry made with shungite beads.

We offer a large array of beads of various types, shape and sizes. You can shop around and find the beads that suit your style and preferences. They can be rhombic, cubic, oval, tumbled yet the most popular category is polished circle beads. Circle beads come in different sizes, for example, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm in diameter (0,24; 0,31; 0,39; 0,47 inches respectively). The size of the bead mostly determines their amount in a jewelry piece. The more beads there are in your, let’s say, bracelet, the more flexible it will be. And of course, smaller beads are preferable for longer necklaces, as the necklace will not feel overwhelmingly large.

Aside from picking shungite beads you can also think about other stones and minerals. It is extremely effective to combine powerful properties of shungite with properties of other crystals. In the end you will get unique natural piece of eco-jewelry which will be charged with the energy of the Earth to bring you the best of its resources.  Calming effects can be acquired by combining shungite with selenite while hematite can make your interpersonal relationships smoother. More energizing and encouraging combination would be with garnet, which is also dark, and this dark red-black combination looks awesome. To keep the negative energy away more effectively try different quartz or fluorite crystals, which are also vast in terms of variety. Jasper and agate can stabilize shungite’s energy to have balancing and grounding effect. The natural Earth energy of lava stone gives its user great strength and is a perfect match for shungite, while the cosmic nature of moonstone inspires to reach for the stars. The possibilities are countless, just try to explore more and more about different minerals and combine their effects with the effects of shungite.

You should also keep in mind a great variety of options you have related to the accessories and materials you will use in while crafting your jewelry pieces. Even before you start thinking about types and sizes of the beads you should consider whether you want an elastic bracelet or one with a lock, which will be the color of the cord, should you have the chain with different sizes or not, do you want stud earrings or hook earrings and so on. It is always best to imagine what your final product will be from head to toe in order to be completely prepared with the material.

After you will determine everything about your upcoming handmade jewelry, it will be a cakewalk from there. Feel free to shop around and purchase shungite beads to create your own unique personal experience!

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