Healthy Benefits of Shungite Tile at Home

Some actions that we do in our daily routine leave us completely vulnerable and exposed to the negative influences in our environment. During the hygienic procedures our body is extremely sensitive to the bacteria around us and other toxic elements. When we consume food we are totally at mercy of quality of the products we are about to eat. While resting in the evening at homes we let our guard down and let the negative waves in the air affect us, like EMF and other kinds of radiation.  All of that can significantly impact our overall physical health and emotional condition, which are substantial parts of a healthy lifestyle.  So when we feel vulnerable the obvious reaction to these threats is some means of protection against them.  However, we cannot establish a bacteria-free atmosphere in our bathrooms, be certainly sure about origins and condition of our food or build a lead bunker against waves and radiation. Thus, we need to find an affordable and effective tool of protection and we can safely say that our favorite shungite can save the day once again! We present to you shungite tile, the beautiful and easy to use decorative and protective tool for your household.

How can shungite tile protect us?

Shungite tile holds in it all the wonderful protective and healing properties shungite stone possesses. Mainly, it blocks the EMF waves from spreading around and it can be essential for your household. You can ensure that you and your close ones are not affected by number of ways. Firstly, you can use the shungite tile, well, like tile. Covering the walls (and optionally, the floor) with it will comprehensively shield your bathroom or kitchen from the negative influences of these waves.  Another phenomenon that shungite tile protects you from is the influence of geopathic zones. Let alone the fact that deep black color can be a very stylish solution for the decoration of your home. If you are looking for redecorating or you are moving into a new house or apartment and black color is in your plans, look no further than shungite tile. Beauty, comfort and protection, who can ask for more?

But, naturally, there is more to shungite tile than this. You can create a protected environment in your apartment with a smaller scale using pieces of tile. The main sources of EMF in our homes are our electric devices, especially the communication devices, like phones, tablets, laptops or Wi-Fi routers, along with others. The piece of shungite tile, used as a stand for some of the smaller devices (or if combined, for bigger ones too) can dramatically decrease the amount of negative waves in your household. And its awesome minimalist look won’t be a problem if you are afraid that the piece of tile may mess up the look of your rooms. The shungite tile fits any style perfectly and will protect you day in night, whether you want to keep your smartphone near your bedhead or use your Wi-Fi.

How else can shungite tile improve our life?

Protection, however, is not the only property you will experience while using shungite tile. We talked about it being the stand for our electrical devices, yet you can use it as a stand (or rather, a plate) for something much more important to our daily livelihood. Storing your food, especially natural food like fruits and vegetables will prevent it from spoiling early. The restoring and fertilizing properties of shungite will keep your food fresh and well-nourished with vitamins and bioactive elements. That way you can be sure that the products you eat are of the best quality and influential on your well-being.

What kinds of shungite tile can you use?

There are a number of variations you can choose from while browsing for shungite tile. Unshaped shungite tile is best suited as a stand or a plate, along with other kinds of tile. If you are looking for a tile to decorate your bathroom or kitchen, you can choose from square/pentagonal tile and whether it is polished or not.  The style of it is really up to you and your vision of what you want to do with your house. You can check how each piece of tile looks on our website.

Purchase shungite tile and bring safety, protection and freshness to your household along with the exquisite style and look!

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