How Shungite Can Help Farmers and Gardeners?

We are used to shungite being a beautiful stone that we can use as a jewelry item or a truly magnificent power which can be used in crystal healing and protection for personal use. But, naturally (pun intended), it is much more than that, and through its connection to the Earth and nature, it is able to influence a number of areas of industry. Properties of shungite that help you every day and shield you from negative influences and the same properties can be scaled up a large bit to help, let’s say, a field of potato. Or a barn full of cows. As all living things can benefit from the power of shungite, today we are going to talk about the benefits of using shungite in agriculture.


Inhabitants of Shunga, home of shungite, won’t lie – they have one of the most fertile soils in all of the Russian North, and are able to grow crops that just won’t even surface in other regions. This should be the prime example in favor of using shungite in agriculture and farming, however, where does this fertility come from?

Well, it, of course, is a large complex of reasons why, and we are going to tell you about the most massive ones. First of all, shungite own chemical composition has a huge positive effect on the soil enriching it with healthy elements. Phosphorus, vanadium, cobalt, copper, zinc, calcium and many others make the nutrition level of your soil go through the roof in order to establish stable and healthy growth for the crops.

More than that, a lot of positive effects of shungite stem from its physical characteristics, especially thermoregulation and humidity regulation. Thanks to these as well as shungite’s deep black color it is able to keep soil safe during droughts or frosts. The color attracts a lot of sunlight and later shungite is able to hold the warmth for a long time to greatest effect.

If you have problem with pests on your field and have to use a variety of fertilizers such as pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals which may have a negative effect on your crops, shungite’s protective and cleansing property might come in handy. Shungite is able to diminish and neutralize the damaging effects of these chemicals to a minimum. Thus, as these chemicals battle pests, shungite will battle chemicals and your crops will grow shielded from both.


As we humans benefit greatly from shungite, so can our livestock. Since shungite is able to influence an organism comprehensively, it boosts the much-needed output from livestock, such as production of consumable goods (milk, eggs) or general liveweight. Given that shungite is as cheap as any supplement can get, it works effectively and increases overall productivity. Just as well, you can use shungite’s restoring the ability to treat wounds and minor injuries of your livestock.

What to use?

As an active supplement, you should use shungite powder. It is just as easy to use as any other fertilizer. To feed your livestock, you can also use shungite water, which should be prepared in advance with shungite water stones. To treat your livestock in case of injury you may use something from a large array of shungite cosmetic products.

The last shungite’s property which should be mentioned is its ability to preserve goods and keep them fresh. If you will keep your crops on a platform of shungite tile or even make a special room with shungite tile all over, this will extend the longevity of your crops.

As you see, the possibilities of using shungite in agriculture are vast and this powerful rock will apply all of its magnificent properties to increase the vitality of your crops and livestock. Purchase shungite and guarantee healthy nutrition and protection for your harvest and stock!

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