Crystal Healing with Shungite Jewelry

Among the large array of shungite goods we offer you, shungite jewelry is always a bright spot (even though it is completely black). The exquisite handcrafted items serve not only as means for crystal healing and protection, but also as minimalist eye-candy and a perfect addition to any style and outfit. Deep black color of shungite jewelry never goes out of style and suits almost every personal look, and if you already are a vivid shungite enthusiast it will be a very easy task to build an outfit around our shungite jewelry.

The healthiest beauty

More than that, shungite jewelry offers all of the spectrum of shungite’s magnificent healing and protective properties. It shields you daily from negative influences and elements in your environment, such as electromagnetic fields (or EMF) and 5G radiation, which are radiated by your daily gadgets, such as phones, laptops, TVs and much more. It provides healing and restoration which shungite is famous for, treating skin diseases, disorders of immune, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, as well as slowing down aging processes.

On a spiritual plane, shungite is a substantial tool of grounding and balancing. As its main target is the Root Chakra, wearing shungite jewelry will enable you to balance and straighten out the whole Chakra system. It is also a great means for stabilizing the energy flow whether within you or between you and the outside world. For spiritual means we also have jewelry pieces engraved with sacred symbols, which add their spiritual properties.

What do we offer?

  • Shungite bracelets. Speaking of energy balancing, did you know that your wrists are very important hubs of energy? Thus, stimulating them with crystal power of shungite will bring more positivity and determination into your life. Remember, that left side body energy stimulates your feminine side, while right side stimulates your masculine side, so wear your bracelet on the side you need to stimulate. Just as much, wrists are areas with essential bioactive spots (any map of bioactive spots will prove it, we even check our pulse on our wrist). So exposing these areas to the healing ability of shungite will boost our blood flow and nervous system input/output.
  • Shungite necklaces. Another classic jewelry piece which covers an essential part of our bodies: the chest. The chest houses our natural engine, the heart, as well as crucial blood vessels, and lungs, which are just as important for our existence. These organs should be heavily protected from negative influences at all times, so shungite necklace will work 24-7 to secure that. Another very important and vulnerable organ which falls under the protection of shungite necklace is thyroid, which you shouldn’t neglect. This way, necklaces mainly influence cardiovascular, respiratory and endocrine systems. Just don’t forget to take necklaces off during the night, it is not very comfortable to sleep with it on, and you might tear the cord.
  • Shungite pendants do practically the same job, however, their unique form can direct energy flows in number of ways – downwards, upwards and sideways. And as mentioned above, engraved pendants bear much more meaning with the symbols. You can research about the symbol on the pendant you wish to purchase to make sure its meaning suits your needs.
  • Shungite earrings guard what is most often called the most important part of our bodies: our brain. This way, shungite earrings can have healthy and positive influence over our mood swings, our mental abilities, determination, productivity and fatigue. But remember, that if you are over sensitive towards the energy of shungite you shouldn’t sleep in them. Besides, it is also not very comfortable and you can damage yourself.
  • Shungite rings. Fingers are also very important for our energy flows: it is through them that we feel the world, through them we give and take: physically, mentally and emotionally. These energy flows should be directed and controlled and shungite rings can help you achieve that. Apart from that, it can deal with cardiovascular disorders and skin diseases.

With shungite jewelry, you can guarantee yourself a healthy and balanced lifestyle with everyday awareness and determination for great things. Purchase shungite jewelry and bring all the power of shungite healing and protection into your life!

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