A lot of people wear rings every day and consider them to be a must-have accessory. Rings are valued for their ability to outline our hands and tell something personal about us through it. Shungite rings answer all that points, being the new thing and a fashion statement. But there is more to shungite rings than just beautiful and stylish piece of jewelry. They are also a powerful tool in energy balancing and crystal healing, as hands and fingers are much more important for our body functioning than you may think. A lot of essential blood vessels go through our hands and they are our most important instrument for our haptic perception, connecting all our touch sensations to our brain. Wearing shungite rings can improve the work of both cardiovascular and nervous system and through them have further effects or respiratory and digestive systems with rings on both hands having centering and grounding effect on your body. There is a large selection of various rings, for example, some of them come with beads, some with small shungite pyramid, some with tumbled shungite stones, and some with nuggets of elite shungite. Shop around to view all the options you can get for the personal healing and protection!

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