Many Shapes of Magnificent Shungite Stone

Shungite healing and protection provides us with a lot of opportunities which would not be accessible otherwise. However, the large array of shungite products presents us with something of a challenge: what shungite item should we choose for our crystal healing? Of course, they all are made from the same rock, but the shape of a product can bring a lot to the table physically, spiritually and symbolically. Here is a little guide on shungite shapes and what they can mean for you.

Tumbled stone

This can be called shungite 101: we all started our shungite journey with tumbled shungite stones. The nature of it is very simple: basically it is just a regular shungite stone which was polished and tumbled to have a very smooth surface without any rough edges. We use it daily for various purposes: we carry it around in our pockets or put it under the pillow during sleep for personal protection, use it for water cleansing and for EMF protection or just keep it nearby during work or rest for healing and restorative purposes. Its main advantage is its mobility – you can take it anywhere with you. Also, you can use smaller stone for crafting and create your own unique shungite jewelry pieces.

Shungite sphere

With a spherical shape, the energy that comes from shungite is spread evenly in all directions, that is why it is perfect to have a shungite sphere at home if you wish to shield your household from dangerous EMF and other negative influences in your environment. Spheres can also be used in exercises and during meditations as they are very comfortable to hold in hands. As sphere symbolizes both the Earth and other celestial bodies, they are a perfect link between the energies of space and the Earth.

Shungite cube

Cubic form, being strictly even and strong, is a great source of stability, strength and order. If you are feeling that your life is pummeling down into chaos, holding shungite cube at your home can stabilize shaky situations and bring balance and grounding into your life. A square also symbolizes the Root Chakra, which is also the main focus of shungite when it comes to Chakra balancing. This way, through shungite cubes you can stimulate your Chakra system to the greatest effect and reconnect with the energy of the Earth. Moreover, large shungite cubes will perfectly fit your interior as stands for everyday items.

Shungite pyramid

Pyramid is one of the most symbolic shapes of human culture. Ancient pyramids are found all around the world with the most famous examples in modern-day Mexico and Egypt. Pyramids have always symbolized the connection with the divine, especially with sun gods of different cultures (like Ra in Ancient Egypt). However, Egyptian pyramids also were burial chambers and connected the departed with the Duat (the realm of the dead). This way, the pyramid is sort of a link in the large chain of life, which takes a snippet of energy from above and turns it into a fruitful flow of energy which nurtures your life until the end. What’s more, the large foundation of shungite pyramids will ensure that you are grounded and stay firmly on your feet, while the pointy top will promote ambition, zealous moving forward and achievements.

Shungite harmonizers

Shungite harmonizers (or healing rods) also have roots in the culture of Ancient Egyptians. There, two cylindrical rods were used by pharaohs as symbols of power. But Egyptian culture wasn’t the only one where similar idea was used, that is why the concept of dual healing rods are still alive and well today. The idea is that the rod in your right hand symbolizes the energy of the sun (and with it the masculine nature), while the rod in your left hand symbolizes the energy of the moon (and accordingly, the feminine nature). You can find similar concepts in, for example, yin and yang. This balance substantially helps in meditations, that is why we advise to use shungite harmonizers while you are meditating. Actually, our healing rods are made from different materials. Shungite symbolizes the feminine nature, so you should hold it in your left hand. In turn, the second rod is made out of soapstone, which is a masculine stone, and will have to go in your right hand. Shungite healing roads will promote crystal healing and stabilize the energy flows inside of your body.

So there you have it, short meanings for the most popular shapes. You can let us know if you want to learn about other shapes of our shungite products and we will surely answer that. Purchase shungite products and bring positive energy and healing into your life!

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