Revitalize Your Spa Center with the Help of Magnificent Shungite

Shungite is a great means for personal crystals healing and protection, but what if it was much more than that. Let’s say you want to help people to discover the magnificent power of shungite healing as well as just provide them with healthy products, safe recovery from stress and injuries and rest relaxation from harsh routine. There is a large number of ways you can use shungite rocks and various shungite products in your own spa center, in fact, in Karelia there are spas which are completely devoted to shungite procedures. Here is the list of things you can do with shungite in a spa center.

Shungite stone massage

Massage is already really awesome and healthy on its own yet coupled with shungite massage stones it becomes a whole new experience. Shungite’s abilities to restore damaged tissues and bring rest and relaxation are the prime movers here. The large voluminous shape of shungite massage stones provide more coverage and contact with skin, while its weight gives massage more pressure. Shungite massage stones can be used in both hot and cold stone massage. Hot stone massage should be applied in times of stress, anxiety and tension to reduce them or to treat bone diseases, pain and irregularities of immune system. At the same time, cold stone massage is preferable when it comes to treating muscle damage or tension and to reduce inflammation processes. Aside from regular shungite massage stones you can also use various shungite massage sticks and points for deeper contact and penetration right to sources of problems.

Shungite meditation room

Imagine a place where you can totally let go of your routine problems, forget all the tension of everyday life and focus only on yourself and your personal growth, emotional and spiritual. We usually use meditation for that, yet again, with shungite everything is different. Shungite has deep connection to the nature and to the spiritual plane. It stimulates the Root chakra, which in turn influences the whole system of chakras. More than that, these processes influence your energy flows, bringing balance and stability to the energy levels. Besides that, shungite is able to influence your emotional state, easing and clearing the mind and, as mentioned above, letting go of the tension. To implement this kind of shungite meditation, you can easily use one of your favorite shungite product, such as sphere, egg, harmonizeror merkaba, but you can go one step beyond. Apply specially manufactured shungite tileto create truly unique shungite meditation rooms where your clients will be connected only to the power of shungite healing and protection, the nature and higher planes of understanding and awareness. Besides, this deep black color always looks cool.

Shungite powder wrapping

Wrapping is another healthy procedure that can greatly benefit from shungite. Shungite powder is the key ingredient here and the large skin coverage it gets during wrapping fully implements such qualities of shungite as anti-inflammation, restoration, elimination of free radicals, its anti-oxidant properties. Shungite powder wrapping is a harmless and easy way to restore damages on your skin, get energized and protect your skin from future harm, as well as completely relax away from a fast-paced modern world.

Shungite water healing

Spa center would be a great place to incorporate shungite water on a large scale.  Shungite water baths, hot springs and pool would be available to you and your clients and with them you can achieve fully comprehensive shungite cleaning, healing and protection. Shungite is known for its water filtering properties, yet it doesn’t just purify water but also enriches and mineralizes it with healthy elements, which will help to your healing and rehabilitation on such a scale. Aside from that, you can serve healthy drinks made out of shungite water, such as herbal teas, detox water or smoothies. Consuming shungite water will influence your pH level, reduce the risk of such diseases as diabetes, gastritis, asthma or skin diseases.

Shungite cosmetics

Shungite cosmetics is of course available for anyone to buy and apply at home, however the vast array of different shungite cosmetic products might be confusing for people who don’t want to dig too deep to figure out what products you should combine for better results. In a special spa center, you can develop complex cosmetic programs with the best and most effective combinations of shungite cosmetics. Shungite cosmetics mixes up the powerful healing and protective properties of shungite with the natural power of various northern plants – berries, flowers, etc., and healthy elements. Comprehensive healing complex can consist of every care product you need – for your face, hands, feet, hair and body.

There are plenty of opportunities to have with shungite at your disposal in a spa center. The healing stone from Karelia helps people around the world to achieve healing, cleansing and protection and it is up to you to bring it even closer to the people. Purchase shungite for spa center to bring the piece of Russian North to every corner of our planet!

Revitalize your spa center with the help of magnificent shungite!

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