Is Shungite an Expensive Stone?

When you are a vivid collector of stones and minerals or wish to join the powerful shungite healing and protection, you might be wondering, how much it would cost. You can find different prices online, so you never know if what you’ll buy will be an authentic shungite stone or just some forgery. Today we are going to try to answer the question that is asked quite a lot these days: is shungite expensive?

The one and only

When you face shungite prices online you should keep in mind a single simple thought. Genuine shungite is a stone that is found only in one place in the world – in the Republic of Karelia in Russia, where we are situated. Some small shungite deposits are found around the world, but it often lacks a lot of unique shungite healing and protective properties, since Karelian nature adds a lot to authentic Karelian shungite. So basically, all real shungite that you will encounter online is from Karelia – and that makes it both rare and costly to ship all over the world. And this is all true when we speak about regular shungite – petrovsky shungite and elite shungite are even more rare. 95 % of all shungite which is mined is regular shungite. Elite shungite amounts only for 1 % of all shungite, so don’t be surprised if you see that a single elite shungite nugget costs more than several hundred dollars – it is basically as rare as emeralds or rubies.

I can see a liar

However, you should definitely be surprised if you’ll see a very low price tag on elite shungite or any shungite for that matter. In modern e-commerce conditions, it is extremely easy to be duped into buying some ineffective rubbish and a lot of unreliable sellers take advantage of it. The fact that you cannot see and touch a shungite product you want to buy also contributes to you receiving a fake shungite stone in the end. So be aware of this kind of scam and always check where you buy shungite.

Another new trend in the field of EMF and 5G radiation protection is something called “shieldite”. We say “something” since we literally cannot say with 100 % certainty what it actually is. Different sellers send completely different materials if you order this shieldite from them, they never present some sort of certificate of authenticity of even the certified chemical composition of their product. With shieldite it is very simple to buy a dud that will give you nothing in crystal healing and protection.

For every taste and wallet

So we have talked about shungite being an expensive stone, but what if you don’t want to spend a large amount of money on this Karelian beauty? Well, you simply have to browse our catalogue, of course! We offer a huge amount of shungite products, which vary in type, size, purpose and, most importantly, in price. In our store everyone will find something which will suit his/her cost demands: from small minimalist shungite pendants and tiny elite shungite nuggets, 20- or 30-millimeter pyramids and cubes to 30-gram elite shungite stones and water stones sets. All you have to do is to define your intentions for your future shungite piece and choose whatever you need!

Shungite will successfully shield you from negative influences around you and boost your health, calm you during stressful times and slow down aging processes in your body. Feel free to look through our catalogue and find your favorite shungite item for years to come!

2 thoughts on “Is Shungite an Expensive Stone?

  1. Darcy says:

    What is the standard shipping fee to Singapore? How long does it take to ship to Singapore?

    • Shungite Wholesale says:

      Dear Darcy,

      Thank you for the question.
      The shipping cost always depends on the total weight of the order and whether you prefer Russian Post (15-25 business days for Singapore) or DHL (10-15 days for Singapore) shipping.

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