Shungite Water

Shungite properties have been known for centuries now and it has been used for a number of ways over this time. One of the first methods of using the power of shungite is still common among shungite enthusiasts and proved to be very effective. Of course, we are talking about shungite water cleansing and using shungite water benefits to improve health. The origin of using shungite water dates back to the times of the Great Northern war, when the application of shungite water among Russian troops helped to battle dysentery and other infections.  As the time went by, enjoyment of shungite water benefits became more sophisticated with the invention of water filters and whole new array of different shungite products designed specifically for water purification, and since the beginning of 1990s shungite has been being used for water cleansing commercially in Russia. However, regular rough stones are still very affective for water purification and mineralization.

So, how do shungite pieces purify and decontaminate the water? Basically, the fullerenes contained in shungite attack bacteria and other waste elements in “dirty” water and eventually, eliminate them, or stabilize them, if it is possible.  Shungite water is reported to be 95% more clear than before shungite was applied, and in 85% of applications it helps to eliminate bad smell from water.  The main targets for elimination or neutralization are bacteria, microbes, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, nitrates, pesticides and other organic contaminators. It is said that shungite water benefits include improvement for a number of systems of human organism, for example, digestion system (first and foremost), respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, treating of skin diseases, headaches, and so on.

If you want to purify water with shungite at home, the process is very simple and doesn’t require much. All you need is 100 grams (3.52 oz) of shungite stones for every liter of water you want to decontaminate and 2-3 days of your time. It is essential not to put too much shungite into water and to over exceed the amount of time, as the negative elements can return to its initial state. The quality of shungite also matters, as the elite shungite is much more effective than shungite with lower percentage of carbon.  Thus, using elite shungite stones for water you will need only half of this amount (50 grams – 1.76 oz).

The shungite water benefits become evident after repetitious usages as you will be able to see improvement not only in the quality of water you drink but also in the state of your body. Moreover, as the application of shungite water filters starts to spread commercially we can see the raise in awareness towards shungite water purification.