If you are fond of crystal healing and wish to explore the magical world of healing minerals and gems even more, shungite just might be what you are looking for. Even though shungite stone isn’t as famous as some of more popular gems, it proved time and time again its capability to become the next big thing. Found almost exclusively in the Republic of Karelia in Russia, this mysterious black mineral has been captivating local people for centuries, and now it is accessible to everyone around the world. Adepts of crystal healing has found its unique structure and properties to be extremely effective and powerful when it comes to their profession, and people around the world has acknowledge its positive influence over their mind and body.

      So, how can shungite help you in your crystal healing practices?

  • Shungite is known for its protective properties. In the physical plane it was proved to shield a significant amount of electro-magnetic fields (EMF) and radiation and absorb toxins and bacteria in water. On the metaphysical level, it serves as a talisman for protection from negative influences, dark magic and bad luck.
  • If you practice meditations, shungite is able to improve the effect of your meditation. Shungite is beneficial for the energy flows in your body, thus balancing your Chakras and making you more determined and driven towards your goals.
  • The absorption properties of shungite help to clear you mind if you are having too much stress or received some traumatic experience recently. It also reduces anxiety and tension, battles insomnia and can aid you to shield you from negative people or places in your life.
  • All these effects combined can boost your career or personal relation, as you get rid of all the negativity in life while becoming more successful, ambitious and goal-oriented.


      To achieve all of the above-mentioned effects, you can simply begin to wear various shungite products to your own liking every day, for example, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, etc. The other way to pursue your crystal healing with the help of shungite is to keep some shungite items, such as pyramids, spheres, cubes, etc., around your household. This way the positive properties of shungite will spread not only on you, but also on your house and its inhabitants. Buy shungite now and enjoy your crystal healing on the whole new level!