Shungite water filters started to be used commercially back in the 1990s and now you have the chance to experience shungite water cleansing right at your home since it proved to be very effective. For the last decades a lot of respectable studies have been published on the filtering and purifying properties of shungite stones and now it is very famous for its cleansing characteristics. Shungite is known for neutralizing the negative and waste elements in water and transforming them, enriching water with positive components. Water enriched with these components can help against a large array of diseases and illnesses, such as skin diseases, problems with digestive system, respiratory issues, and muscle and tissue pains. The unique shungite water filters are specifically made for the use at home and work just as regular water filters. All you need to do is to refill it with fresh shungite powder when needed and enjoy clean and enriched water. Some filters should be plugged directly to your water system, whether other can be applied separately. Shungite water filter is the easiest, fastest and the most comfortable solution to get unique shungite-purified water.

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