If you enjoy all the positive properties of shungite products, but wish they would have been more artistical and unique, look no further than shungite figurines. Hand-crafted by Karelian masters, shungite figurines are beautiful pieces of art encompassing Karelian and world culture. In our collection of figurines you will find pieces inherent in Karelian realities, like northern wildlife, as pieces universal and beloved all around the world, like Buddha, symbols of the year and so much more. Shungite figurines can become a great addition to you work space or household. Apart from obvious aesthetical pleasure figurines can bring to your life there is a number of positive effect it can have on your physical and emotional state. Shungite is well-known for its emf protection and figurines are not exceptions. They shield its user from all the negative waves and outside influences bringing balance and harmony to your body energy. Its artistic nature stimulates such qualities as creativity, open mind, clarity of thoughts and helps to get away from drastic routine to set you on a new track.

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