Sometimes joint, muscle and bone injuries and diseases can take us out of our regular pace of life for quite a long time. Where regular bandages and supports can be little of no help to fast and effective rehabilitation, the famous properties of shungite can become the solution. Shungite body pads can benefit in such cases in a wide range of ways. First and foremost, shungite can help ease and relieve the pain in damaged joints. It fastens the restoring processes, aiding your body to come back to its original state. For more long-term chronic diseases its anti-inflammatory effects revitalize damaged joints to contribute to further recovery or at least to alleviation of illness. There is a large selection of shungite pads to battle different types of injuries, starting with protective helmets and back pads to more simple belts, knee, ankle and wrist pads. Make sure that your rehabilitation process will go fast and smoothly with healing abilities of such an unique Karelian mineral as shungite. It is also benefitial to use different cosmetic products with shungite throughout recovery process.

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