How to use shungite

How to use shungite

Shungite is well-known for its purification and protection properties. However, many people ask a question: “How can these properties influence my life, and how to use shungite properly?” . And this question is important for new users, as nowadays there is a lot of vague information about shungite which can push away the newcomers.

First and foremost the user needs to decide what would be the goal of using shungite. One can use shungite for healing, another can use shungite for EMF protection, and using shungite for water cleansing can also prove effective. It is essential to determine your intention for utilization as it will help you choose your specific piece.

First of all, you can apply shungite for EMF protection. EMF (electromagnetic fields) emanate from all kinds of electronic devices. Your everyday gadgets such as laptops, smartphones or even microwaves emit so much electromagnetic waves that it can be harmful for your body.  Using shungite for emf protection, namely putting pieces of shungite,  in front of said devices,  will not interfere with the functioning of these devices, but it can effectively absorb the large chunk of emf they emit.  Another valuable source of emf protection is shungite cell phone plate, or shungite cell phone sticker. Our cell phones are the most common source of emf as we carry it on us all day long and close to our vital organs. Shielding yourself with shungite cell phone plate can substantially diminish the negative effects of emf.

Secondly, you can enjoy the healing properties of shungite.  After centuries of researches there are a number of properties that shungite stone is known for.  It is famous for skin and hair care and rejuvenation, shungite water is perfect for skin healing. Anti-bacterial properties make it possible to apply shungite for healing disinfection of wounds, bruises, bites, burns and other types of physical injuries. Massage with shungite stones ought to reduce pain in joints, internal injuries, bone injuries and stimulates blood circulation. The same effect can be achieved through application of shungite water-based solutions, rubbing it against the skin and ill areas.

However, that is not the only way the shungite-water combination. Using shungite for water purification is nowadays a common practice. Carbon molecules in shungite can filter a large amount of bacteria, unwanted organic compounds and other waste materials. Moreover, drinking shungite water can help fighting a wide range of illnesses, such as allergies, angina, headache, acne, skin infections and much more.

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If you wish to achieve more direct and precise effect of shungite properties on a certain areas of your body, you should try cosmetic products with shungite. The rejuvenating and restoring effects of shungite help to keep your skin and hair in shape, and, besides that, provide for fast rehabilitation from different joint and bone injuries. In addition to shungite, these cosmetic products contain a wide range of unique natural components found in the Russian north. The large array of shungite-based cosmetic products includes shampoos, hair and face masks, creams, soaps and much more. Shungite cosmetics will enrich your body with vitamins and natural vital elements, bringing you healing and protection on the inside and beauty and youth on the outside.

Moreover, the properties of shungite are quite effective in chakra balancing. Shungite is known as an effective tool to stimulate the Root chakra or Muladhara, which is located at the bottom of your spine. When the Root chakra is in a state of balance you feel security, wisdom and connection with the Earth, as it is the foundation of all the energy in your body. If this foundation becomes weak there is a danger that the whole energy flow in the body will break apart.  Shungite products are filled with positive energy and its purifying and neutralizing effects are capable of filtering all the negativity you have within. The most effective ways to influence your root chakra are placing shungite plates with stones of shungite around your house or workplace, using shungite harmonizers and bracelets as well as using shungite during meditations.

A more practical application of shungite was found in the field of agriculture. And it’s no wonder that a mineral filled with such beneficial elements as calcium, cobalt, phosphorous, zinc, copper and so on would find a way to contribute to steady and substantial growth of garden plants, crops and even farm animals. The absorbing, neutralizing and anti-bacterial effects of shungite make soil more nourishing, fruitful and filled with necessary components for stable cultivation.  This effect can achieved through applying shungite powder directly on the soil or through watering your plants with shungite water. The same nourishing effects are proved to exist if you use shungite powder as a complementary food supplement for farm animals. Turned out, that it increases the production of milk and eggs by cattle and poultry respectively. And,  of course, it has the same positive effects on the health of farm animals, just like on humans.

Once you have determined your goals on how to use shungite, it will become much easier to choose the products you need to satisfy your purposes.