Elite Shungite

If you have already become shungite enthusiast you are probably familiar with elite shungite.  If you are not sure about what Elite Shungite is then we are happy to help you with that! Elite shungite is extremely popular as it is the purest and the richest form of shungite stone, with carbon amount up to 98 percent in it. Elite shungite is known for its silver glow on the cuts and is reported to be the most effective in its beneficial properties as its structure is heavily comprised of fullerenes which are known to absorb and eliminate negative elements and energy.

With shungite being quite a unique stone, elite shungite is truly unique, as it can be found only in one place in the world – Shunga village in the Republic of Karelia in Russia.  You can clearly distinct elite shungite from any other type even with the naked eye. Elite Shungite also known as Silver Shungite or Noble Shungite is of silvery shiny color. Some pieces can be covered with rust or layers of other minerals. Quite often layer of Elite Shungite is followed by the Layer of Petrovsky (2 type) of shungite which is grey and a bit lighter than regular shungite.

There are not so many different types of products made from Elite Shungite due to its fragility and uniqueness. Mostly you will find chunks and nuggets of elite shungite of different shapes and sizes. Thanks to its random structure, all nuggets of elite shungite have unique shape, so if you shop around you will be able to find what is the most suitable for you.  You can buy a small piece for personal wearing and healing or a large chunk that will protect and decorate your home.  Water stones from elite shungite are the most effective when it comes to water purification, doubling or even tripling the effects of other types of shungite. Simple pendants and key-chains as well as bracelets and necklaces are most popular elite shungite products. In our Store you can always find your match which will meet your needs for effective applying of healing and cleansing properties of elite shungite.