If you enjoy the magical beauty and properties of shungite stones as we do and wish to try something new, look no further. We offer a universal product with a large area of implementation, with which you will be able to close the gap between the healing power of stones and decorative value of various shungite products. The name of said product is shungite powder.

Basically, shungite powder is sand produced from shungite stones with crushers or other geological equipment.  Different fractions of shungite bear different value, however shungite powder specifically comes with the fractions of 1-3 mm or 3-5 mm, at they are the ones which are used more frequently. All the famous shungite properties are still inherent in shungite powder, whereas its sand-like form gives it an infinite amount of applications. It is possible to use shungite powder directly, or making shungite paste out of it (mixing it with water in 1:2 ratio).

These are some of the frequent applications of shungite powder:

  • Shungite powder is an important element in shungite water filtration. It can be used directly, or in a system of shungite filters, which have been widely used as a commercial water filter in Russia since the 1990s.
  • As shungite is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and absorption properties, shungite powder is used as a key element in a number of cosmetic products. Thus, applying the paste made from shungite powder will have the same positive effects on your body.
  • In order to reduce joint, bone and muscle aches, you can apply home-made pads, filled with shungite powder, to the troubled areas on your body. The healing properties of shungite will successfully reduce the pain and influence the rehabilitation process.
  • As the means of decoration, shungite paste can become a stylish and healthy substitution for any shade of black paint which is so popular nowadays. Besides its decorative value, it will efficiently shield your household from EMF and other negative influences.
  • If you are enthusiastic about agriculture, you can use shungite powder as an effective fertilizer. Reports say, that using shungite powder as a fertilizer increases the soil fertility by up to 40%.

These are the most popular applications of shungite powder. Of course, its flexibility and universality will allow you to have a room for any implementation you can think of. You can always play with your options and come up with a unique application for such an unique product. Buy shungite powder now and create your own future with wonderful power of shungite!